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    Immerse (Live) - Single

    Harbor Music, Jessica Lucero, Jelani Bethune

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    Harbor Music is the sound of worship coming from Harbor Christian Center. This family of worshippers carries a heart cry for revival that is reflected in their music. Released in April 2020, "Immerse" is Harbor Music's first single.

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    Commune: 8-Day Devotional

    Pastor Marissa Coloma

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    Through scripture readings and insightful refections, you're invited to commune with God as you go deeper in your relationship with Him. God desires to fill us with His new wine. Are we positioned and prepared to receive it?

  • HISTORY BOOK | Purchase Now

    From Glory to Glory

    Joan Davis

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    The pages of this book capture the supernatural history of Harbor Christian Center. You’ll read a first-hand account of someone being raised from the dead in the middle of a church service and you’ll even learn about how a group of our leaders survived a plane crash in Mexico. Through every interview, newspaper article, and photo, it is evident that God has done and continues to do a good work in and through Harbor Christian Center for the furtherance of His Kingdom!