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I just sent a prayer request. Please do not post my full name (first name is okay) and phone number. I didn’t see that option until now. Please don’t post anything online. But, please ask anyone who is willing in the church to pray for me. Here are my concerns: Unsure if I should take a career opportunity or not. I am currently remote, which is the only pro other than the income. But, these are big pros.. No growth opportunity and stifled by my manager. With new position, I interviewed in the past and they remembered me and now have better circumstances to bring me into their team. They have been trying for quite some time - years. I had given up hope when they called. I would have to move and go into the office once per week. No pay decrease, possible increase. But, an avenue to get out of my current role and better growth potential in the company. I am newly engaged and we have hope that he will be able to make a career change and join me in the potential new city. I do not want to be confined by having to live in a specific area. Sometimes I feel that I heard from God about it, but I feel the direction could go either way. I had a dream and felt like I received confirmation. I feel like I am battling against it other times or feel confused. Both positions are with the same company. Ideally, I would like for them to allow me to be grandfathered into my remote, work from home location with the new job. I really want the new job. Health issues: foot issue, tailbone cyst removal surgery still having issues, eye, and joint issues. My foot has been hurting for months - foot injections, pain pills, physical therapy, chiropractor, nothing is helping. Completed an MRI. Eye issues with pain started recently. A healed wound is causing me discomfort.


I have Epilepsy and Depression I always need prayers 🙏🙏


For my mother she may be going soon with the Lord and I just kicked the family and prayer please Sherilene Maez thank you.


Hi prayer Angelica need surgey but have given her date yet need favor grace


Hi prayer for Renato family his wife passed away prayer for sheris and his baby amen