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Please pray for Bruce Shiney. He has been undergoing treatment for non hodgkin's lymphoma and it's taken a turn for the worse.


My niece Ashley has coviq19 she got tested positive for it please pray for her that she will get better. And that it will go away I don't want anyone else in my family 2 get it


Prayers for the Martinez family and the Davis family please they have cova Davis family is my son and his family dad side has cova Sky Davis is his name and my family which is my dad stepdaughter who's my stepsister has cova prayers that they recover speedy recovery that nobody else gets it thank you.


Housing God’s guidance from my life loneliness overcoming fear and anxiety depression


Please pray for my godkid William he was playing at his dad's house I'm guessing horse playing he got his toe stick in a hearted vent and they pulled it out and goes into pain at times