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Hi HCC family my prayer request is that I have mixed feelings about the vaccine cova shot they want my son to get one in order to stay in school and if he doesn't get it then he gets to be homeschooled and he wants to be in school in person so in order for that to happen he has to get the vaccine shot my prayer is that it's in God's will I don't know what the church thinks about that shot either really but I just pray that it's in God's will that if he does get it nothing bad will happen to him thank you.


Please pray for Sheila, Peter and Scott. For full salvation asap. And for Sheila’s family. Thank you so so much!!


Hi my mom Yolanda hesl her depression and dementia and heal liah has cancer gigi in hospital cov19 and Jerry fell in pain


Seeking a home church for my family and I at the moment. Also need prayers for physical healing with health issues as well financial stability. Thank you.


I have been really struggling with anxiety and panic disorder. I feel like I can’t do any normal activities I did before. My doctor keeps prescribing me anti anxiety medication but I know God does not want me feeling this way. I just ask to experience the peace of God.