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My cousin passed away this morning from stomach cancer, he was battling for several months, he was 38, please pray for our family his name Gabriel Paxcle.


Has been hospitalized with covid since January 1, 2022 and is now is wanted to be baptized at HCC.


Unspoken... this person is in the hospital and it doesn't look good. Ventilator, massive weight loss, You know who it is Jesus. Bring healing, touch the heart and bring peace and let this person forgive and receive freedom.


For me and my wife La’Shaunda we both tested positive for COVID and on self isolation for 10 days due the symptoms


Please pray for my cousin Tamera she has been intubated since Christmas for what they call an autoimmune condition of her lungs. They turn her in her belly at night to help her breath better. She is young and has her family and grandkids. Believing God for the manifestation of her healing in Jesus name. All things are temporary and subject to change. Declaring her healing by His stripes.🙏🏼