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Pray for my sister Renee they found bumps in her colon. Pray that it’s not cancer.


This is praise report. Thank you for your prayers yesterday for my healing. I had stomach virus that knocked me out. Literally, I was flat on my back. 😩. Friday, Saturday and Sunday no bueno. Is anyone else dealing with this? Today I ate egg salad and crackers and it tasted like steak and lobster I was so hungry!!! Thanks again for your faithfulness in prayer I appreciate my church family


Hi I need some prayer for my family and I. I’m struggling with a relapse that happened last week and I having trouble having hope and faith. My relapse recently is due me always giving into my temptation. I also would love to pray for my family to stay strong and united.


I am requesting prayers for my mother who was just diagnosed tongue cancer yesterday. I need strength to care for her as I was diagnosed two months ago with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and it is very difficult for me, I am struggling and my heart is breaking for her.


I just want to share the goodness of the Lord he got my benefits stolen but I got him back March 3rd thank you Harbor family for your prayers God is good all the time to God be the glory and honor and praise always just wanted to share that thank you love you all.