Even though we can't gather together as a church family, we can certainly grow together! At Harbor Kids, our mission is to passionately lead kids and families into relationship with God and people! Below are some ways we want to grow with you even if we can't gather together!

Born to be seen | Seen by the unseen

It's VBS in a box!

VBS in a box is a chance for kids and families to experience a VBS in their own homes! The materials and instructions will be supplied in each box. We pray this is an opportunity for families to grow together in the activities, Bible discussions and application moments. We are so excited to hear how God is going to move in your families and to see the fun you are going to have together! 

The ages we are able to provide age appropriate materials for are ages 4-12.

The official week of the VBS is August 18-21.

Box handouts are happening on August 9 and 16.

The box is free but registration is required. Registration is open until August 7th! 

Click HERE to be taken to the registration page. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email us! m.jarvis@contacthcc.org

Bible Lessons

Every Sunday we will be posting a Preschool and Elementary Bible Lesson for your little ones to our YouTube Channel! In each video description will be some questions that will allow you and your families to dive deeper into that story. Just click the Harbor Kids YouTube Logo! 

We will be uploading some activity pages to our website every week that you can print and do together! Learning about the Bible with kids is meant to be done together. So we encourage that you do the activity pages with your kids.

August 9

Preschool Activity Pages

K-2nd Activity Pages

3rd-5th Activity Pages

Our recommended order to do these three elements is to start with the Activity Page first, it might require you as the parent to pull up the Bible story to answer some of the questions. Then the Bible Story video should be played and followed by either finishing the  Activity Page or by having a family discussion based on the questions in the description of the YouTube Video.  If you need more resources or have any questions please feel free to reach out! The best and fastest way to contact our Kids Pastor in this time is by email

Educational Resources

We know that kids are now at home for who knows how long. And sometimes keeping them active is not the easiest especially when it comes to academics and education. So here is a blog that has plenty of resources for any age that can help keep their brains active.

177 Educational Resources

Necessary Supplies

The LAUSD has worked well to create a free and safe way to get food out to the community for anyone that needs it. 

Free lunches are being handed out from 7am-10am on Monday-Friday to all kids and families. This goes as long as supplies last each day.

Pick-up locations include, Banning High School, Dana Middle School, and Narbonne High School. If a significant need isn't being shown at any of these locations, they will stop serving. So check back here to see if there are any changes. 

If you are needing any other sorts of supplies or resources please feel free to contact the church at 310-835-5661. If we aren't in the office please feel free to leave us a voicemail!