Birth to 5th grade

At Harbor Kids, our mission is to passionately lead kids and families into relationship with God and people! 

Below are some ways we want to grow with you!

In-Person Services

Life is best lived in community. On Sundays and Wednesdays we provide a time to laugh, have fun, build relationship, and learn about Jesus together. 

Here's what you can expect when you bring your family to church.

Dreamers have big and bright futures ahead of them, full of adventure, memories, relationships, and so much more! When you bring your family you can expect safety, fun, Jesus, and loving care. We are going to play, sing songs, pray over your little one, share Bible stories, and speak life over them. 

We want every age to encounter the heart of the Father when they are with us!

Rooms are located in "The Center," which is just off the Foyer

Sundays at 10am


Our goal is not to be the only spiritual influence in your kids life. The average family spends 2-3 hours at church a week. But families spend almost 50 waking hours together. So our goal is to partner, equip, and empower parents/guardians to be the main spiritual leaders of their families. There isn't a manual that sets how this should look for every family, but we can provide resources and support to creatively and powerfully lead kids into encounters with God and encourage a strong relationship with Him everyday.

Feel free to reach out for ideas, support, prayer, encouragement, and/or resources and we will do our best to help where we can! 

You can talk to your kid's teacher, our Kids Pastor, or other parents within our community! 

Contact Pastor Mikayla: Phone 310-835-5661 x120 or Email m.jarvis@contacthcc.org

Often we release a newsletter you can receive which lays out important information, upcoming events, fun activities, and other details about kids ministry. 

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Join our team!

At Harbor Kids we believe that kids are the church of today, not just tomorrow. In other words, they have access to the same God adults do. Their prayer and worship are just as powerful, and their place in the body of Christ is just as valid. Nowhere in the Bible will you find evidence that an adult’s relationship with Christ is more significant than a child’s. In fact, Matthew 18:3 tells us that the faith and humility of children are desirable traits for all believers! By joining our team you are investing in a kid's life and encountering God with them. 

It's fun, it's exciting, it might get a little crazy, but most of all we get to love on our kids in a powerful way. 

  • We are looking to add leaders to our Sunday or Wednesday

    -Babies Room

    -Toddlers Room

    -Preschool Room (Teachers and Assistants)

    -Elementary Room (Teachers, Assistant, Tech, and Worship)

    If any of these roles interest you feel free to reach out!

  • The first step is to fill out an application, after that we will do a connections meeting. We get to meet and get to know you and learn a little about your relationship with God. After the connections meeting, we'll do a training meeting. From there it's a background check, and after that we are serving!

  • We have two options to fill out our application, an online option and paper option. We ask that whatever way you choose, please fill out the forms in it's entirety. We value safety greatly here at Harbor Kids. These applications and the process to join our team, work to insure that each Servant Leader is a safe adult. Thank you for taking time and investing in a kids life!

    Online Application

Harbor Kids Youtube

On our channel you can find Bible stories and kids worship playlists for your kids at home!