Life Groups


an intentional gathering of people that are in a similar season of life or have a common interest. When you’re part of a Life Group, you’ll have an opportunity to connect with others and grow in God. Our desire is that every person in our church would connect to community in a Life Group.


    1. DESIGN: God designed us to exist in community with each other. In fact, we will never experience the fullness of God unless we build relationships with other believers. Life Groups are where we can fellowship together. 
    2. DISCIPLESHIP: Jesus had a “life group” of 12 disciples. He taught them and cared for them. Life Groups provide a place for us to learn and grow, and find support and encouragement. 
    3. DESTINY: Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. God uses people to push us into our purpose. Life Groups create a space for our dreams to be unlocked and our destiny to unfold! 

We encourage you to choose a Life Group and commit to being part of it for a season.

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