October 5+6 at Harbor Christian Center

Speakers: Jude Fouquier & Kris Kildosher

We are alive at the most incredible time in human history. Our heroes of the faith longed to experience just a taste of the reality we are now immersed in. God lives WITHIN us. 

But… Are we walking in the fullness of His power? Are we living the life that Jesus died to give us? 

There’s something — there’s Someone — within you Who can change the world. You are the point of contact where Heaven can touch the earth, changing the region around you. But you have to activate what’s within. 

That’s why Epicenter Conference exists. Our two nights together at conference will be a space for activation and impartation as God brings us up higher in Him. It's time for an UPSURGE!


6:00 pm - Registration Begins

7:00 pm - Doors Open

7:30 pm - Main Session 1

9:30 pm - Courtyard Hangout

After service, purchase dinner, enjoy free coffee + s’mores, and browse our various booths featuring art, merch, and more! 


4:00 pm - Pick One...

Option 1: Prophetic Activation Session

A brief teaching on prophetic ministry, a soaking time in God’s presence, and 8-10 minutes of personal prophetic ministry + prayer with our team members. (Space is limited. Advance registration required.) 

Option 2: Activation Workshop

A teaching on how to use our God-given gifts and abilities to impact the world around us. 

5:30 pm - Doors Open

6:00 pm - Main Session 2

guest speakers

  • Jude Fouquier

    Jude Fouquier and his wife, Becky, are the Lead Pastors of The City Church in beautiful Ventura, California. The church currently has two campuses in the Ventura region and is ministering to over 1,000 people weekly. Prior to planting The City Church Ventura in 2010, Pastor Jude and his family spent 18 years serving in a pastoral role at The City Church in Seattle, Washington.

    Before Seattle, Pastor Jude got his start in youth ministry after graduating from Oral Roberts University in 1985 when he first became a Youth Pastor under Wally and Marilyn Hickey at the Happy Church in Denver, Colorado. Pastor Jude travels extensively, speaking at churches and youth conferences, imparting into the lives of youth, leaders, and pastors around the world.

    Pastor Jude is more than just a prophetic voice and inspiration to youth culture and leaders today; his energy and enthusiasm are contagious! His relentless pursuit of God’s will for his own life, commitment to the Bible and genuine love for people set him apart as an example and model for the next generation.

    Pastor Jude loves to walk the beaches of Ventura with his Becky, and finds great enjoyment being the number one fan of his three boys, Jude, Jon, and Jake. All of his sons are married and currently serve as youth pastors, leading thriving youth ministries. He is also thrilled to spend us much time as possible his grandsons!

  • Kris Kildosher

    At 19 years old Kris Kildosher was living as a practical atheist. But, God’s love was still set upon him. A friend challenged Kris to read the Bible, so he did. Kris would come home from drinking and partying to read through the gospel of John and then the book of Acts. One night the Holy Spirit spoke to Kris so clearly and undeniably. For two days he wrestled in tears and emotion as God spoke to Kris to completely surrender his life. Finally, Kris said yes and received Jesus as his Savior. 

    Later that week, Kris was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Powerful things took place as a result of this. Kris began to see miracles and instantaneous healings as he and other believers laid hands on people in Jesus’ Name.

    Kris attended the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California and has preached the Gospel all over the United States and in over 14 nations. He has led many teams of missionaries and ministry students all across the world.

    Currently, Kris and his wife, Josee, are associate pastors at Presence Church of Orange County and the overseers of Activate OC, a school of ministry. Kris still travels the world in adventure with His Father sharing the Gospel and activating communities to live life infused with the power of Holy Spirit. The love of God is His primary message and transformational encounters, miracles, and healings happen everywhere both he and Josee travel.