Connection Track

Are you new to Harbor Christian Center? 

Or maybe you've been coming for a long time, but still haven't become fully involved in church. 

It's time to get planted in God's house, connect to community, and fulfill His will for your life!

The Connection Track is a series of 4 classes that occur on each Sunday of the month. 

Join us for Worship at the 11am Service, then you'll be dismissed to class in the Upper Room. 

These classes are open to everyone, but are especially beneficial to those who are new to HCC. 

This is your pathway to becoming fully connected to our church family!

  • Connect 101 // First Sundays

    This session is a basic introduction to our family, and is designed to clearly explain who and what our church is. You’ll hear from Pastor Louie Trevino as he shares the vision and core values of HCC. 

  • Essentials 201 // Second Sundays

    This session guides you through the essential beliefs and habits every Christian needs to find success in their walk with Christ. We’ll also introduce you to our various Life Groups.

  • Discovery 301 // Third Sundays

    This session will help you discover how God has given you unique gifts and passions for a specific purpose in life.  

  • Serve Team 401 // Fourth Sundays

    This final session conveys the importance of serving. Here you’ll be given the opportunity to join the Serve Team of your choice.